Casting on

I've been knitting for a long time, talking about knitting for almost as long. But when it comes to writing about knitting, I'm a bit behind in the times.

Which is kind of funny. I'm a professional copywriter by trade, so writing is what I do. Staring at a blank page is my professional equivalent to snuggling up to a gorgeous ball of yarn and imagining the potential finished objects it could be.

So what's taken me so long?

The thing about being a maker, is the overwhelming desire to make, to do, to knit. Taking the time to sit back and reflect about creating? Well, that just takes time away from the job of creating, doesn't it?

I've realised that that assumption, which has stopped me time and again, is fundamentally wrong. Reflection is such a huge part of making. It's the time you take to choose a new project, to plan your materials. It's looking at your pile of works in progress and deciding which one (or ones) is best to bring on your road trip. It's drafting a design. It's staring with pride, and sometimes contempt at what you've done.

I'm already taking the time to do this reflection on my own, in my head. So it's about time that I take that reflection into the outside world. So I'm blending my two passions here - for words and for stitches - and putting it out there. I'm casting on, if you will, for a look into what's it's like being the knitpicker.

I hope you enjoy!
Happy stitching,
Molly x


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