Molly Fry is The Knitpicker

I first became"the knitpicker" as just a Ravelry username far too many years ago, but it quickly became an identity; a pun-fuelled fun-filled symbol of my drive to use knitting to save the world.

A lofty goal, maybe. But it's why I've founded The Knitpicker shop, as a way to make the world a cosier place, one stitch at a time. Now, more than 10 years later, I'm using The Knitpicker name as a force for good. Each product supports one of the many causes and initiatives close to my heart, while at the same time creating a real artisan good to bring a bit of beauty into your life.

This blog is where I share what goes on behind the scenes; my inspiration, projections in progress, shop updates, and my creative life as a whole.

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