All quiet on a knitting front? Not really

As it turns out, 2019 was spent doing less writing about knitting... but certainly not less knitting. Sometimes you've got to go with the flow of the seasons of life! 2019 saw lots of personal growth, and with that, putting the 'Personal Brand' on the back-burner. As the year comes to a close, I don't think that was a bad thing at all.

During this festive period, I'll be rounding up some of my favourite projects from the past year, and taking a quick look at the year ahead, where plenty more creative adventures will definitely be in store. These updates certainly won't be professional, the photoshoots won't be Instagram-Influencer worthy, but they will capture some highlights of another year of knitting adventures. But there will also be a lot that happened that I may need to return to later - a lot of this year was spent Living, and not Documenting. The balance of both is what makes Making fun.

First in the holiday series, a round-up of what I have affectionately come to dub "Dirty Bathroom Selfies". I've knit myself lots of garments this year (and haven't photographed nearly half of them!), but have found myself at work, proudly wearing something that I made, and feeling the need to document it. And with only my phone and a public bathroom mirror at my disposal, these aren't really a fancy snapshot of making, but they certainly are geniune!

Camping sweater

This sweater, made from a lovely wool blend from a LYS which has since gone out of business (RIP), this sweater get its name from being worn, mostly, to go camping, or sitting around a campfire. I don't know why! It's made from a pattern by Ann Norling - it's just a basic drop shoulder sweater pattern with variations by guage that I have used to make at least five different sweaters in the past - for this one I added some smock stitch detail on the sleeves. Always get complements when I wear it, and its supremely comfortable, so I call that a win!

The Notorious RBG

One of the patterns that took Instagram and Ravelry by storm this year was the Notorious RBG Sweater by Park Williams, which I *had* to make when I saw it. I went off-piste with an ochre and grey colour combo, and wear it so often that I probably need to make myself another to be on the safe side. Again, it's one that always get noticed when I wear it! So it was a great 2019 knitting highlight.

Mohair everywhere

Terrible picture notwithstanding, this mohair sweater has been another go-to this year. The yarn was a Christmas gift from the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival, and is a beautiful dark green colour. I was a bit dubious knitting thin, almost lace-weight mohair on size 11 (!!) needles, but the result is a very wearable piece, and surprisingly warm! I also made (not pictured) a matching green mohair tube cowl to complete the look on cold days. I am a serial shawl and scarf wearer to mitigate the damp British climate, and really enjoy the tone-on-tone look.

Oldie (but still goodie!)

The last contender in the Dirty Bathroom Selfie series isn't a 2019 knit - but I haven't worn much of it before this year. In fact, I can't even remember the year I made this t-shirt! Whenever it was, I clearly hadn't figured out that layering a tank top under sweaters/tops was a normal/practical thing do it. But during a Marie-Kondo inspired decluttering, I rediscovered the piece, and added it back into my wearing rotation. I'd certainly rather showcase something that handmade than something bought. #TeamSlowFashion. The pattern is from the book Knitting Classic Style, which was a gift from my university days.

Thus concludes the first of my holiday round-ups - not the most detailed, not the most professional, but a nice snapshot, selfie-filled, summary of another year of making.

Happy stitching,
Molly x


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