short stuff: small makes

Not everything I make is big, and not everything is serious. As part of my festive project round up, I thought I'd spend today's post looking at some of the smaller one-off projects that 2019 brought. Actually, this top picture features two projects; the first is an in-progress shot of a Saroyan shawl pattern. The photo doesn't do it justice but the yarn (forgive me for forgetting the fibre composition) is gorgeously soft and has the perfect halo. A white/cream scarf/shawl is always dangerous, but it is one of those things that always makes me feel a little more chic and dressed up - and it was a very quick make! The second project you can only JUST see in the top right corner - it's actually an i-cord made from very thing guage gold wire. It's a long-term project (fun fact: wire is very difficult to knit with), but it actually has fantastic drape, and will someday be a necklace.

I had a little bout of nostalgia when I found the above pattern. As a kid I loved the movie 'Kiki's Delivery Service', and felt a particular connection to her slightly sarcastic, mildly pessimistic companion, Gigi the cat. This is Gigi. I am a Grown-Up, but needed to make this to remind me of my younger self. Quick crochet, happy result.

I spoke a bit about my Girly Knits Bra Top earlier this week - here it is again! The yarn is from a single skein of Malabrigo Arroyo that I bought for myself with no purpose, just to get me over the free shipping limit on an online order. I am definitely glad I bought it. I made this little crop top even though I'm incredibly insecure in my body - but have even worn it in public twice since it's so unbelieveably comfortable! Will I make another one of these? Probably, I can't lie! The picture also features my giant cactus crochet pillow, and a block printed bag from my mother-in-law of PrintroseByGail, which has definitely become my de-facto knitting bag!

Finally, I couldn't stand to just throw away the last leftover scraps from my Brooklime hat - even though the remnants were only tiny! So what's a knitter to do? I grabbed the clasp (it's actually rose gold coloured, the pictures don't really show it of well) from my local haberdashery (shop small!) and worked up this quick Cable Braided Necklace from Olga Jazzy Knits, and it's been a great addition to my work wardrobe. In fact, I even have one final Dirty Bathroom Selfie to celebrate! 

Happy stitching,
Molly x


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