Christmas countdown: Velvet seal

Let's talk about irrational purchases for a second: I don't often make them, but when I do, they're completely random and vaguely pointless. I'm pretty good at budgeting for the most part, and have a decent amount of self control, but then all of a sudden I find a free seal pattern on Pinterest, and all control goes out the window.

I am a Grown Up and have no need for toys. But the picture for the Silky Seal toy pattern was pretty irresitable - and it just so happened to be on Flash Sale for FREE, so I needed it. And once I had it, I needed to get yarn to make it with, right?

I can't lie, the velvet yarn trend game was strong, and whilst I was able to hold off it for the most part, when it came the seal, that was the tipping point. And let's be honest, look at his cute little grey velvet-y face and try and convince ourselves he was a bad purchase. I can't!

Not bad for an impulse buy!

Happy stitching,
Molly x


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