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on the needles: yarn chicken

One of my big missions this year is to really crack on through my stash of scrap yarn.

Thanks to well-meaning friends, family, and coworkers, I've acquired a lot of hand-me-down yarn - great when I first moved to the UK and had no money to buy anything knitting related, not so great now when I have lots of single balls of mystery yarn lying about my house.

To combat this, I've made a pledge to myself to not buy any more yarn until I work through all of the projects I can possibly think through using my current stash.

It actually feels really good; it's better for the environment as I'm cutting waste, it's better for my budget as I'm not buying more stuff, and it's much better for my household storage.

But what it does mean, is that I end up playing Yarn Chicken WAY too often.

Yarn Chicken is, for those who are fortunate enough not to know, is that terrible game where you're in a race against your dwindling ball of mystery yarn to see what comes to an e…

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