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Test knitting with SmashKnits

I recently had the pleasure of test-knitting a pattern from the absolutely lovely Ashlee of SmashKnits fame.

When I announced this to my husband, he promptly rolled his eyes. Don't I have enough projects to be working on? Why should I spend my time doing something for someone else's business instead of moving forward on my own? After all, despite talking about my shop all the time, I don't have anything wonderful to show for it recently...

The thing is, that I find test knitting to be the perfect way to kick start my creative juices into gear when I'm feeling a little bit run down and uninspired. And that's exactly how I have been feeling over the past few weeks.

I've had a few hiccups on my own creative journey. A few projects I thought would be surefire winners turned out to be huge time-sucks (pink beanie hat, I'm looking at you). A couple of DIY projects spectacularly failed at the worst moments (see my fabric swatch wall calendar where the glass crack…

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