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project: brooklime

I don't think I've talked enough about the Knitting and Stitching show I attended at Alexandria Palace in October yet, do you? All joking aside, it was a fantastic source of inspiration, patterns, and yarn that has carried me through the Autumn/Winter months... and this project is the perfect example of that!

The Brooklime hat by baa ram ewe, and made with pip colourwork yarn instantly caught my eye as I walked around the show, and I knew I had to make it. I selected shades of burgundy, navy, and mustard - they would coordinate with all of my winter outerwear, and honestly a vast majority of my accessories. Apparently, I have a much more boring/consistent fashion sense than I thought I did.

It was a great fun and engaging knit. The colour changes and fair isle kept it interesting throughout, and the small needles meant that it wasn't just a FLASH BANG FAST project as many hats tend to be.
In retrospect, I probably should have bought myself some circular needles in the rig…

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