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Plants you can't kill

At some point, my house transformed into a jungle. Don't ask me when, don't ask me how, but over the past 3 years of living in my current flat, I've somehow changed from the girl who couldn't tend a garden to save her life, to certified Plant Mom.

I'm not complaining about this! All of my little plant buddies bring me joy - from the insane succulent in my terrarium that seems to (genuinely) be growing inches per day to the little calendula plant that I bought while tipsy, just because I liked the colour of it.
But in addition to my living houseplants (11 + the terrarium) and balcony greenery (too many to count), I also have a growing collection of knit and crocheted plants. Clearly, I just can't get enough.

First is the adorable little neon cactus. The pattern was free in a magazine, and the yarn is all little bits of leftover scraps from my stash. The base is supported by two 2p coins (pushing the budget out, I know, but they were the perfect size and hefty e…

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