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waste not, want not

Through my crafting years, I've gotten to be quite the expert in re-purposing things, particularly of the yarn-y variety.

It stems from 1. hating waste and 2. being budget conscious, but this focus on

A perfect example is this wall hanging. I love how it's turned out, it adds real dimension to my guest room, has a great mix of textures

In itself, it's a great finished product, but if we unpack it a little bit, you'll be able to see exactly what I mean about my frugal nature...

1. The Stick:
I like to take walks, it works for me better than meditation ever could. On one of these walks I found this stick, and thought it's the perfect size and hardiness for a tapestry. I carried it for about 2 miles from a wooded path through my local city centre, generating many odd looks along the way.

2. The accent beads:
My first job was at a bead store. I made a simple bracelet with these wooden and metal beads to practice my techniques. This is circa 2006. The metal beads used t…

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