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office chairs revamp

I don't design as many projects as I would like to. But when I do finally get around to a real, thought-out one, it always feels a bit special. There's always a unique joy that comes from making something for yourself. But taking an idea from a spark of inspiration, to a sketch, to a plan, to a finished project amplifies that feeling by a huge amount.

These desk chairs are the perfect example of that.

I've talked a few times about how I'm one of those people who hates throwing things out if they still could be useful - it's part of the reason why I have a yarn stash (I'm working through it, I swear!), and why I hold on to jars and things because I might need to put something somewhere at some point. This definitely comes from my family, and how I was raised, and I'm not complaining. But now, when I return to my childhood home I see evidence of those same habits in my parents.

One example of that was in their well-used home office. They've had the same s…

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