The two project rule

When I was at university, I strictly followed what I called, The Two Project Rule: I could only ever have two project in progress at once.

There were a few really good reasons behind this. The obvious ones were of course budget (what student can afford a large stash?) and space. One year, I was sharing a two-bedroom NYC apartment with 5 other girls. Room for personal belongings was quite limited. But the unintentional benefits were what made the biggest difference.

You see, when you only are allowed two projects at once, if you're inspired by a new yarn, or pattern, or piece of clothing you see someone cool wearing, too bad! You've got to finish something first before diving in. Let me tell you, the two project rule was excellent speed knitting incentive! So many of my favourite projects were made during that time. In a way, it seems that limiting myself led to my best work!

Sometime in the years that followed, I ended up dropping the two project rule. I can't pinpoint where, but now, looking at all sorts of random UFOs (UnFinished Objects, for the uninitiated) around my house, it's pretty clear that I've lost my focus. Don't get me wrong, I've still made some really wonderful things, but by letting my mind and knitting wander, I feel like I'm less accomplished somehow, like I'm making less progress towards my knitting goals.

So I'm on a bit of a mission at the moment; reclaim that rule, and regain control over my making. At the moment, I've got four "big" projects I need to finish:

My plan is to work through these four first to give myself a clean slate from which to start over. I think the hardest part will definitely be not starting anything new once I begin to finish these! Then from there, I will begin a new "three project rule".

Why three? What about my successful two project rule?

One of the main knitting goals that I haven't been able to make the headway I've been wanting to on is getting the store really up to date with new products - to the point that I've actually turned it off until I can get stock back! It's a pretty disheartening shortfall, but with this new plan, I will be well set to achieving this knitting goal.

So, what is this new plan? My new Three Project Rule will look like this:
  • Store product!
  • New personal project!
  • Hibernating project!
It seems like the simplest thing in the world, and so annoying that I haven't thought of this and implemented it sooner. But it will be so nice to finally be able to move forward, keep making, and clear some of the old knitting clutter that's been holding me back.

How do you manage your UFOs?

Happy stitching,
Molly x


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