a little recap

It's been a busy few months behind the scenes here... I've managed to tick some big projects off the list that have been looming for a while, start some new fun things that have been on my wish list, and even get a head start of my Christmas knitting. Phew!

While there's lots that deserves some more in-depth mention (and will soon I promise), I wanted to share a quick update on what's been keeping my fingers busy over the change of seasons...

I've done quite a bit of work on Etsy and craft sales, pulling together new designs and ideas, and bringing them to life. The pineapple coasters have proved to be extremely popular, and are definitely one of my personal favourite projects to work on. They always seem to bring a smile to my face!

I've got such a soft spot for amigurumi. I am not a child. Nor do I have children, but I find something really satisfying in making these sweet, small little toys. Call it nostalgia, call it a short attention span, call it whatever, I've found it to be really fun to crank through some stuffies to keep things interesting. I just thought that the stuffed humpback whale was too cute to resist making (maybeI've been OD'ing on Blue Planet?), and I loved the film KiKi's Delivery Service as a kid, so when the pattern popped up in my Ravelry feed, again, I couldn't say no.

So I'm not going to ruin Christmas by posting pictures of the finished pieces here, but I've been working on a few big projects (and lots of little ones) for the most appreciative knit-gift-receivers on my list. I've had to learn the hard way over the years that not everyone cares about getting a hand-made super-cool gift, made in a pattern that's been carefully selected for them and only cares about the brand label or if their friends will think its cool. So this year I've streamlined my holiday making list a bit, meaning I can put more time into what I make for people who I know will value it. Which means better knit gifts than ever! What's not to love?

Oh, and to wrap things up, this absolute monster of a blanket is finally finished! Like some many projects recently, there is no intended recipient, right now it's still draped across the back of the sofa waiting for me to decide its fate, but I'm happy to finally have it out of the WIP bag, and on show!

These last few months have been a great exercise in ticking some big things off the list, putting me in a great position to tackle some new and exciting projects in the months coming up!

Happy stitching,
Molly x


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