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One thing I didn't expect from starting to write about my knitting was for there to be any actual change in what I do. After all, I've been knitting for so long, that my habits were well and truly ingrained. But what I've found is that the simple act of writing (or drafting) about my goals, frustrations, and work, has given me a renewed focus on making change, and making things happen. Who knew!

Take my post of the Two Project Rule. At the time of writing, I was nowhere near accomplishing my goal of getting back to a controlled WIP pile. While I haven't been writing about that, I've been doing it! Just putting my hopes into words actually helped to make a real change. I didn't expect that.

Since so much time has passed, I thought I'd summarise some of what I've accomplished - and how it's surprised me!

1. In my Yarn Chicken post, I talked about a baby blanket I was making for a friend... And it's finished. I gave it to her at her baby shower last week and she loved it. In the end, I did run out of yarn sooner than I'd hope. While I did reach the rectangle I was hoping to, I decided to do a border anyway to get it to the shape I pictured in my head, and I absolutely loved the result.

2. My Giant Rainbow Blanket is complete. Well, complete-ish, I still have the ends to sew in, but the knitting and binding off is done. It's absolutely massive. At the moment, it's acting as the quilt on a double bed, and I can't wait til the days get slightly cooler and I can bring it downstairs and truly wrap myself up in.

3. My Two Project Rule is now in effect and working. This meant wrapping up several old projects that have really been plaguing me, and that in itself has taken a huge weight off my chest. So to get to this point, I've had to finish:
  • Lempster
This cable-y wonder-sweater was languishing away in my UFO pile for too long. I love that it's finally done and can see the light... once the weather cools down that is.
  • i-cord coaster
This was initially supposed to be a test knit for an Etsy product that I was making with some scrap yarn. Turns out I like the results and will make some for the store, but for this actual item, I ditched the coaster idea altogether, and turned it into a little resting mat for my cat shaped salt & pepper shakers. Why not?

  • Show-off stranded socks
I started these on a complete whim, and immediately wished I hadn't. I love making socks but they are a solid commitment! But they are done, and I have one more handmade pair, which is always good.
  • Crochet bracelet holder tube thing
I'm moving my jewellery from being hidden away in a closet to a display in my room. I needed a place to keep my slip on bracelets, and I happened to have the perfect scrap yarn for the job. Yippee!
  • Upholstered chair
Less a had to finish, I recently returned from a long holiday back home to the states, and helped my mom re-upholster her old office chairs with some knitted goodness. My sister is currently helping with the finishing of these since I had to fly back, but should be able to post some pictures soon.
  • Failed feathers
I had this brilliant idea while sitting at work to use some old scrap yarn I had to make some cute crochet feathers based on something I'd seen on Pinterest, and turn them into some cute bunting. In the end, I made one feather, and ditched the project as my husband said it (and I quote) "looks like a condom". Um, ew.
  • Amigurumi Cat
Using some of the leftover black yarn from Lempster, I made myself a cute little amigurumi cat as a reward for trucking through so many old projects. It was quick, and just what I wanted, and is proudly sitting on my windowsill.

And that's where the last 2 months of knitting have taken me! In progress now are a few great projects which follow the two project rule I set myself, including:

- The Brooklyn Tweed Guernsey Wrap: This is my personal project at the moment. I made one for my mom a few years ago now, which I was very sad to give it away. I am of course going off-piste with my own, making it with Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball which is variegated and sparkly. I imagine Jared Flood would be none too pleased, but I know I'll love the final product
- Pastel i-cord coasters: These fairly self-explanatory coasters are my shop product. Easy, brainless, fun, and adorable. What more could you want?
- Mini Rainbow Blanket: I swear I don't just make rainbow blankets! This is my hibernating project. It was supposed to be for my friends baby. Then she was having twins. Then I lost the needles. Now the babies are two (and not getting the blanket, I made them other wonderful things instead), and I just need to get this off my chest! Done in lovely mitered squares.

And that's a wrap! I really am amazed at how much that little bit extra motivation that writing about knitting has manifested itself in work done.

Happy Stitching,
Molly x


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