crafty frustrations

I don't own a car. This if for various reasons; I live in a city, so its not necessary for everyday life, I feel better about my carbon footprint being part of a one-car-family, I'd have to re-take my drivers test as an American in the UK, and I don't really need the extra expense of an insurance policy for something I just won't use all that often. Plus, think of the savings on parking!

This may seem like an insignificant fact on a knitting blog, but it has lead to a frustrating crafty conundrum.

Like many towns and cities in the UK, the big box-stores (you know, the ones with all the craft supplies) are located on big retail park outside the city centre. Which is fine. But, as someone in full-time 9-5 employment, who partakes in the bus system and cycle routes, getting to these retail parks before closing time during the week is nigh-on impossible. And I don't know about anyone else, but I haven't had a free weekend since July, seriously limiting my retail park time. 

So what's the point?

I ran out of hot glue. 

Midway through a project that I am seriously excited about. 

Which means I am so close to finishing I can almost taste it... But just not close enough.

I've been really inspired by all the summer-y pineapple decor popping up in interior design blogs, on my Instagram, and all over Pinterest. While doodling in my notepad, getting inspired for work the other day, I sketched out a crazy idea that I just HAD to bring to life. What if I made coasters that looked like pineapples? I could make them out of i-cord! It would look fantastic!

caveat: I'm a massive fan of i-cord accessories around my home. My mousepad is made from recycled silk i-cord. I have a wax melt which is sitting on a wool i-cord trivet. In my home, i-cord is totally A Thing.

I quickly set about to making them, and I was delighted that the sample one turned out exactly as I'd imagined it in my sketch. It was design bliss. I made all the cords for the coaster set, got my felt pad laid out, started gluing, and then....

...Two coasters in I ran out of glue. Devastated. Because I don't drive, it's been a very frustrating wait to complete the project. It's almost at the point where I'm going to resort to buying the glue sitcks on Prime, just so I can actually finish them.

But of course, however frustrating it is, I jut have to move on to the next project. I could be worse than being crafty, right?

Happy stitching,
Molly x


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