project: granny square wall hangings

Hands up: I love granny squares.

There's something about the fact that such a simple technique really can be used in so many different ways that really fascinates me. The traditional granny square is so tactile and lovely, and can become blankets, pillows, and more. But there are so many twists on it as well!

This star blanket is a great example, and I've been eyeing up this campfire hoody since it's release...

So this week I decided to channel my love of granny squares into a new design for my home. There's no denying it, wall hangings are having a bit of a moment, and it seemed like a natural progression to transform the humble granny square into it's own piece of art.

For this one, I used one of my favourite alternative granny square motifs, featuring a pretty three-dimensional flower as a nod to the bohemian wall hanging vibe. I chose a really subtle neutral yarn, a recycled beige colour with hints of grey throughout. It's the kind of colour that seems to work well in any room I tested it in. It looked as at home leaning up against my navy blue office walls, as it did tucked into my living room's tree. I finished it off with some touchable fringe, because I love fringe, and could not be happier with the end result!

My long-standing love affair with the granny square will continue. Who can resist something so simple and wonderful all at once!

Happy stitching,
Molly x

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